Are you afraid of what you cannot do or are you afraid of what you might be capable of? Do you limit your fitness goals because of what you think you can achieve or do you set targets at a level you believe you can reach? Exercise your mind as well as your body!


With this quote, Team Fitness Club gives a shout out to all the beautiful ladies out there who are raring to go and want to make some really positive and healthy changes in their lives.


Women’s Gym Bankstown – For your Comfort

Woman is God’s most beautiful creation but unfortunately most of the times they do not seem to care about themselves because they are busy making the lives of their family beautiful. We at Fitness Club love all you ladies out there and respect all that you do. We understand that you are special and this is why we give you the VIP treatment you deserve with our special Women’s Gym facility – now achieve your fitness goals in the most comfortable manner possible.
Our gym facilities are structured to suit the needs of everyone and they include:


  • Fully equipped gym (Cardio, Free weights and machines)
  • Lady’s only area
  • Crèche services from 9-11am – Monday to Friday
  • Group classes throughout the week
  • Separate bathrooms for male & female
  • Supplement store & protein bar (coming soon)


We offer our esteemed female clientele state of art work out equipments as well as additional options like group classes, personal training , food coaching as well as childcare so that you can work out with a peaceful mind. When you choose Fitness Club rest assured that you as well as your little ones are in the best hands.


Apart from the above mentioned facilities we also offer you:

  • Open 24/7
  • Plenty of space and room to breathe
  • Affordable gym membership prices
  • No membership contracts needed


Our services are extremely flexible and tailored to fit the individual needs of clients. No matter what you are looking for – be it weight loss, toning, or improving your fitness levels, when you have our team at your back you can rest assured that you will achieve  a healthier and happier you in the best manner possible.

For the women-the pillar of strength

The life of a woman is centered on her family and her abode. You love to take care of the needs of every member of the family. You like to take care of every nook and corner of your abode. You like to nurture every relation with love and share. However, when it is about you, there is always something ceasing to look after yourself.

We at 24 7 Gym Bansktown salute the essence of womanhood! And, at the same time offer specific attributes which enrich our Gym Bankstown sufficing the need of every woman to avail fit body and healthier you:-

  1. Open 24*7- we very well understand that it is tedious to offer just one time slot for you ladies. Hence, we are open 24*7 so that you can choose the time which suits you the best.

2. Plenty of space- even with the latest machines, cardio and accessories we have plenty of room to breathe. You will not feel confined in one place. With our sprawling space you are bound to feel relaxed and comfortable.

3. Cost effective- we do not intend to make a hole in your pocket in making you fit and fine. Thus, we have the best affordable price at our Womens Gym Bankstown for you.

A girl walks on the suspended track as students below watch a squash game.

Auburn University has recently completed a state-of-the-art recreation facility.  Features include a corkscrew suspended indoor track, yoga studio, outdoor pool, and climbing wall.  The facility is Leed Certified Silver.  360 Architecture, a firm out of Kansas City was contracted to design the facility.