Open 24/7. Reception: 9am - 9pm
Call us: (02) 9709 3311
Open 24/7. Reception: 9am - 9pm
Call us: (02) 9709 3311

Fitness Club – Your One Stop Fitness Bankstown Place


You are more powerful than you might think. It is all too easy to look to outside factors as dominating and dictating what you do or what you do not do, but keep in mind change has to come from the inside. Feel the power of YOU!


This quote is truly the crux of what we do and how our mission is more about a fit and healthy body and mind rather than just a superficially beautiful one.


Welcome to Fitness Club- your ultimate fitness training Bankstown destination. Whether you are looking for a weight lose program or want to get yourself in great shape. We have everything and anything that you need.


We offer you custom made fat loss programs as well tailor made wellness packages to help you get results. We do not believe in giving you the old diet advice that you are sick of because we are a Result-Based Personal Training Club and we believe in doing things a bit differently.


Our trainers and experts are some of the best in their field and they specialize in Weight Loss, Body Toning, Muscle Gain, Individualised Fitness Programs and Exercise Prescription that suit your specific body as well as goals.

Our facilities have been specifically designed to cater the needs of everyone and they include:


  • Fully equipped gym (Cardio, Free weights and machines)
  • Lady’s only area
  • Crèche services from 9-11am – Monday to Friday
  • Group classes throughout the week
  • Separate bathrooms for male & female
  • Supplement store & protein bar (coming soon)

We are your 24/7 Fitness Bankstown Friend


Our club and our team is redefining the whole idea as well as experience of workouts and is quickly gaining momentum as the destination ultimate for fitness in Bankstown.  We offer you the best of the best staff and state of art equipment. All you need to do is ask and we will deliver it to you – our team is always happy to help.