It’s never too late to dream and make a difference. Life is a series of chapters. You can turn the page right now and create a lifestyle and fitness program that changes the narrative of your life in the future. Don’t be weighed down by the past but let it go and feel the lightness of NOW!


Never say never is the mantra of The Fitness Club and we are all about now and nothing of the past. Welcome to The Fitness Club- your 24/7 Gym Revesby.


We are all about our clients and their needs – whether you need to get into great shape or are looking for a lose weight program? Do you want a complete health and wellness package for results or you are on a lookout for a fat loss program? Whatever your needs- when you come to us we make sure that our team and our programs do not just meet your expectations but exceed them as well.


We are a strictly Results-Based Personal Training Club and our team of experts specialize in areas of Weight Loss, Individualized Fitness Programs, Muscle Gain, Exercise Prescription and Body Toning to help you reach your individual body and fitness goals in the healthiest manner possible.


The Fitness Club and team are pros in body mechanics, exercise techniques as well as posture and our programs are designed and created using the collective experience, knowledge and technologies so that you get results that are visible and progress that is quick.


We work with the aim of getting you in a position where you are able to achieve your goals in the least possible time while you gain strength, increase your metabolism and lose body fat so that you live a healthier life.

Our facilities have been specifically designed to cater the needs of everyone and they include:

  • Fully equipped gym (Cardio, Free weights and machines)
  • Lady’s only area
  • Crèche services from 9-11am – Monday to Friday
  • Group classes throughout the week
  • Separate bathrooms for male & female
  • Supplement store & protein bar (coming soon)


Our attributes to suffice a healthy you!

Are you looking for the personalized training club? Are you being unsuccessful with your workout regime? Do you wish to avail that weight loss for a happier and healthier you? The accomplishment to this and more than this is possible with us at 24 7 Gym Revesby. We are associated with the following attributes to ensure a fit you:-


1.    State of the art machines- we have a plethora of option for cardio, weights and machines. Hence, whether you are with us for great shape, weight loss program or the complete health and wellness package, we have the requisite ingredients.


2.    Experts- Our training team inculcates the best of the experts which will guide you through achieving the little milestones imperative for you and us at the same time. We promise a satisfied, you when you attend the training session with us.


3.    Group classes- we have the group classes throughout the week. Hence, you can avail the timing of your choice and enjoy the much needed health. We intend to enhance your metabolism, loosen the body fat and at the same time give you the much required strength.


So, come over for an Individualized Fitness program, exercise prescription, body toning, weight loss or the muscle gain whichever is your immediate goal.